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Mehi Add established in 2011 as an event management company, Mehi Add is today one of leading entertainment company in Agra.Starting from its core competency event management, Mehi Add has since assumed a prolific character, diversifying into corporate event managers for all types of Commercial Event, corporate event management services and celebrity management & Brand Managements. What sets Mehi Add apart is its vision, talent, expertise and attention to detail which shows in flawless planning and execution.
Mehi Add is different for all others. That's something you'll discover right away. We're experienced marketing, communications and design professionals with a passion for producing high-impact events. Innovative ideas and visionary thinking are our stock in trade; exceptional event solutions. It is Exciting, memorable events Road show that build brand awareness strengthen business relationships and produce tangible results.
You'll also find it easy to work with us. We're accessible, collaborative people who put your needs first. We welcome your participation in the "visioning" process. We maintain a deep respect for your understanding of your business. And we'll work with you to discover solutions to meet new challenges. For us, sharing knowledge and empowering clients to succeed is one of the most satisfying aspects of the event business. When it comes to making great things happen, we're an unbeatable partner.
Mehi Add creates high-impact events that help build brand awareness, strengthen business relationships and produce tangible results.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with the most amazing services, events planning and decoration services, and promises to make the service as per as clients demands. We do hard work in building our reputation within the industry, and develop good connections. Our clients to understand their requirements


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